The Blockchain-based Community Platform & Marketplace for Owners & their Pets


The new generation of Pet-TECH

BlockPet is a blockchain-based social media platform and marketplace. Register your four-legged friends, earn rewards and incentives for sharing and interacting with the community, and buy pet-related products and services with your accumulated reward tokens, too!

BlockPet Ecosystem

The BlockPet Ecosystem is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a space where users and their pets can share content, information and interact with their friends - all while getting fairly rewarded for doing so! Users can then use those rewards to purchase services or products for their furry friends! 


 BlockPet's BApp with Klaytn

BlockPet has joined Kakao Klaytn's global public blockchain project


About BlockPet

The BlockPet BApp (Blockchain Application) is unique! Register your four-legged friends safely and securely by scanning their “noseprint” (and your fingerprint, too!), to generate a unique BlockPet Profile and BlockPet Wallet - registered uniquely to you and your pet! Share information and create content with the BlockPet Community to gain rewards and spend those rewards on the BlockPet Marketplace! 


Pet Identity Authentication Technology


BlockPet wallet


Block Pet Community & Social Space


BlockPet Marketplace

BlockPet  ID Technology 

(Pet Identity Authentication Technology)

BlockPet is a research-focused company offering the latest developments in simple, secure and intuitive pet registration and ID authentication methods. BlockPet uses the "noseprint" of the user's pet as an identification marker. The pattern of wrinkles and ridges of many mammals are unique, offering a secure and singular method of biometric recognition and registration for your four-legged companions! The technology at the core of this is PIAT (Pet Identity Authentication Technology) which has been developed by BlockPet and registered as a patent!   
<Patent Registration Number: 10-1984758-0000>


"Noseprint" Biometric Registration of your Pet

Biometric Registration of the Owner


Registration of Pet Information

Unique BlockPet Wallet Generation

BlockPet Community

Have fun with your pets uploading funny, engaging or informative content. Get rewards and incentives every time you engage with the BlockPet Platform and community!


Create Content & Upload


Interact with Community Members' Content


Comment, Share and Communicate with your Friends


Get Instant Feedback & Praise for Quality Content

BlockPet Marketplace

Use your accumulated rewards to spend on the BlockPet Marketplace. Buy services and products for you and your pets! Book appointments at pet salons, buy pet supplies or browse pet insurance all in one place!


BlockPet Marketplace


Pay with BPT & Enter Purchaser Information

Confirm your Purchase

Payment Complete

BlockPet Vision

Companion Animal & Pet Identification!

BlockPet’s core principle is anchored in the need to make pet registration and ID authentication simpler and more convenient to both owner and pet! Every year thousands of animals are abandoned, go missing or are even stolen! BlockPet would like to utilize blockchain technology to change this by making it easier to register and identify pets while keeping the control firmly in the hands and paws of the owner and their best friend!

Pet Information

Information such as a pet’s medical history, breed, size or age can be of great help to research institutions and other organizations. Our aim is to make sharing information easier and to encourage much needed research to be undertaken through the help of the BlockPet Community, while still allowing users to maintain control over what information is shared and where.

Content Sharing

The BlockPet Community is a key factor in the success of the BlockPet Platform & Ecosystem. We want to create a healthy, content-driven, ever-expanding community space that allows our users to share their pet-related content (images, pictures etc.) with each other and earn rewards for doing it! Communication, interaction and sharing are all incentivized heavily on the BlockPet Platform!

BlockPet Mailling List

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