BlockPet Terms of Service

[Privacy Policy]

1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

BlockPet Services processes personal information for the following purposes and does not use personal information for purposes other than that of which are stated below; Identification of user identity, maintenance, management of membership and other information processing necessary to service provisions.


2. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information:

I)  BlockPet Services will keep your personal information from the initial collection of your personal information and retain said information according to the period of use or statute, and process personal information within the use period accordingly.

II) Specific personal information processing and retention periods are as follows;


a) Customer Subscription and Management: Processed and retained until the service use contract is complete or membership of the platform is terminated.


3. Rights and Duties of Information Providers and Legal Representations


The user may exercise the following rights as the subject of the personal information;


I. The information subject can exercise the right to protect and request their personal information from BlockPet Services at any time. These rights are as follows;

a) Request Personal Information

b) Request Correction of Error

c) Deletion Request

d) Request to Stop the Processing of Information


Any request for deletion and/or request for the processing of user information to stop could result in the user being unable to use BlockPet Services or user experience being impaired or certain BlockPet Services being unavailable.

4. Creating a Personal Information Request:

I. To create a personal information request, we require the following information: Name, BlockPet Services Account Name, Registered Email Address. This will be followed up with other security questions relating to your account and/or information.

5. The Destruction of Personal Information

If an application for Information deletion is received and accepted, BlockPet will destroy the personal information held without delay. This may not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows:  


I) Destruction Procedures: The information entered by the user will be destroyed after a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other related laws after the completion of the purpose in which the data has been collected for is complete, this may be immediate or could take a number of days depending on the request. As stated previously, this may not include any data BlockPet are obliged by local laws to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

II) Destruction Period: In the cases where the personal information of a user has elapsed or become redundant, data deletion will be undertaken within 5 days from the end of the holding period. If a user closes their account or the account been unused for an extended period of time BlockPet will destroy personal information within five days from the day that it is considered that the processing of the personal information is unnecessary.

6. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Automatic Collection of Personal Information

When using BlockPet websites and certain services, some information may be collected automatically using 'cookies' tags, SDKs, tracking pixels, and other similar tracking technologies. We use these technologies in order to offer you a more tailored experience in the future, by understanding and remembering your particular browsing preferences. Cookies are small text files that facilitate the processing of your data and enable us to analyse how the website is being used. Cookies can be temporary or permanent.


I) Temporary & Permanent Cookies: These form part of the security process while you are using the BlockPet website; permanent cookies identify the link you used to find our website, check your browser so that we can make sure the BlockPet Website and Services work well with your device and to help us monitor traffic on our website and certain interactions, too.


II) Cookie Use: They help us help you. Cookies allow BlockPet to do things like provide personalised content and remember your log-in details and settings. You can turn them off - this won't stop a website from working, but it might mean it won't work as well as it could, or that you have to do the same thing more than once. They help website owners, too. Cookies tell website owners things like what search engine a visitor used to find the website, how often they've visited it, how long they've spent on it, and so on.


III) Declining Cookies: You can choose to accept or decline cookies when visiting the BlockPet Website or Service, however this may affect your browsing experience and prevents you from taking full advantage of our website. Alternatively, you can disable cookies by following the instructions provided by your web browser, located within the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Edit’ facility.

7. Social Media


We use publicly available social media platforms to promote BlockPet Services and to provide updates, news and promotional updates, too. We may collect personal information from BlockPet Service’s social media platforms, for example, if you post a message on our Facebook page or contact us via Twitter. By providing any of your information to us through these platforms you should be aware that:


I) The social media web pages are publicly available, and you must not provide any personal or sensitive information on our pages that are accessible to the public, such as your BlockPet account information. BlockPet Services may ask you for your account information via a private message to identify you and to service any request you make – but we are not liable for the loss, leakage or misuse on any third-party platform of this information; and


II) Each social media platform will process any personal information you provide through the platform and this will be processed in accordance with its own privacy policy. These privacy policies are available to view on each social media platform and BlockPet has no influence on these Policies of any kind. They are privacy polices created and implemented solely for the use of each social media platform and should be treated as such.

8. Information Protection Officer


I) BlockPet Services is responsible for the handling of your personal information and has designated the following person(s) below who are responsible for your personal information protection. Any requests regarding personal information should be directed to the below Information Protection Officer(s);


· Designation: Head of Personal Information Protection

· Name: Yeom Chang Hun

· Position: Director

· Contact:  T +82 31 608 1320 |


· Designation: Head of Service Planning

· Department name: Service Planning Team

· Contact person: Lee Geun-Woo

· Contact: T +82 31 608 1320 |


Please note that all requests should be made via email.

II) By using BlockPet Services a user has the right to inquire about their personal information being held by BlockPet. All enquires and requests relating to personal information, such as; requests, complaints, corrections etc., should be directed to the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge of the requested information. If you wish to make a request, please use the contact information previously stated. BlockPet will reply to any requests as soon as is possible.


9. Change of Personal Information Processing Policy


I) If there are any additions, deletions and corrections of this policy in accordance with relevant laws, BlockPet will notify them through announcements on their website 30 days before the proposed change(s).


10. Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information 


In accordance with Article 29 of Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act, BlockPet provides the following technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure the safety of user information and data;


I) Self-Audits: BlockPet conducts periodic self-audits that cover the process and storage of personal information. These audits are conducted quarterly and are used to ensure that data is being handled and stored according to this policy and various internal procedures.

II) Staff Training: BlockPet ensures the minimization of data handling by staff and ensures that staff members who do handle personal data are provided with the correct training to do so. Information handling is minimized to the person(s) or team related to said information and information is shared internally only when absolutely necessary and for a specific reason.

III) Technical Measures Against Hacking: In order to prevent information leakage and/or damage of personal information caused by malicious behaviour, hacking and/or computer viruses, BlockPet Services have installed various third-party security programs and systems relevant to corporate security needs. Periodically those programs are updated and checked to ensure they are up-to-date and in good working order. These 3rd party solutions and systems monitor BlockPet’s storage systems and block threats, too.

IV) Encryption of Personal Information: Your personal information is encrypted, stored and managed. Data deemed of high importance is further protected by a separate security function, such as but not limited to; file encryption, encrypted data transfers, and/or file lock functions, too.

V) Restricting Access to Personal Information: We take all necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, modifying, and deleting access rights to the database system that handles personal information. We also control unauthorized access from outside parties by using an intrusion prevention system and various related features.


11. Usage Restrictions for Document Security

I) We also take security of offline paper-based information seriously, too. We keep documents with personal information and auxiliary storage media in a secure place with a lock. Access codes and or keys are only granted to those with permission who are authorized to access said information. Codes and keys are periodically changed to restrict the possibility of unauthorized access and for other security reasons as well.


[BlockPet Service Terms]


We agree to provide BlockPet Services to the user. Services include all BlockPet products, features, apps, supplementary services, technologies and software that we provide to fulfil the mission and goals of BlockPet. To achieve these goals and to help BlockPet users utilize the full potential of BlockPet Services we have created or will create the following;


a) A platform that allows the user to create content, connect and communicate with other users and to provide certain features that allow content customization and sharing of content.  

b) A system that identifies people and their pets and allows them to engage with other community members and to receive content suggestions based on interests, likes and previous usage history of the BlockPet Services.

c) A Platform that creates a positive, secure and inclusive environment for its users.

d) Features that allow our users to experience the platform in a positive way and additional features that allow you to report fraudulent, harmful or abusive activities on the BlockPet Platform. Members of staff will also act as administrators to prevent harmful, illegal or abusive content being posted on the BlockPet Platform.

e) Develop and use technologies that will help the BlockPet Platform grow

f) Provide a system based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or other types of automation, that organizes and analyses large volumes of user data for the purposes of  better understanding how users use the platform and how BlockPet can improve their services through the analysis of said information and data.

g) Allow users to be exposed to targeted advertising and that connects users to brands, products, and/or service that they are interested or likely to be interested in.

h) Research and innovation. BlockPet uses the information they have accumulated to research BlockPet Services and work with other parties to create better BlockPet Services and to conduct research to contribute to the welfare of our users and their pets.

[Data Management Policy]


In order to provide users with BlockPet Services, users need to provide certain information to BlockPet. This information needs to be utilized effectively and managed securely according to various data management related laws. The way in which we handle data and information is highlighted both above and below. Any specific questions regarding data management can be directed to the designated Information Protection Officer. Other Privacy and security settings directly relating to specific services and/or applications can be found within the application and service itself. Please check these individual Privacy and Security Settings, as in order to use BlockPet Services these settings must be accepted.

[User Etiquette Policy]


We aim to create a safe, secure and inclusive platform for users to share their platform-related content. By using BlockPet Services you must abide by the User Etiquette Policy. Any breach of this policy may result in the user being blacklisted and banned from BlockPet and its related services and businesses. Users must adhere to the following when using any BlockPet Service or Business;


a) Users must check that BlockPet and BlockPet related services are legal in their jurisdiction. Users are prohibited from using BlockPet services if they are in violation of any law where they are residing or are a citizen of. This includes but is not limited to payment functions of the BlockPet platform etc.

b) Persons in breach, or deemed to be in breach, of any policy and as a result have lost access to the BlockPet Platform are prohibited from accessing the platform again. This restriction extends to new accounts registered using different details. If a user is found to be in breach of this, they will be denied access again.

c) Persons who have been previously convicted of serious crimes are prohibited from using the BlockPet Platform this includes but is not limited to; fraud, animal cruelty and crimes against children.


In order for BlockPet to remain a safe place, BlockPet and BlockPet users must remain vigilant. Therefore, we must all do our part to maintain the integrity of the platform. This includes the following rules;


a) Do not impersonate other users or persons on the platform and do not provide inaccurate information.

b) You do not need to disclose your identity publicly on BlockPet, but you must provide accurate and up-to-date information (including registration information) to gain access to BlockPet and BlockPet Services. You must not impersonate any person other than yourself, nor should you create an account in someone else's name without the express permission of that person.

c) Do not engage in any illegal, misleading, rude, fraudulent or any other unauthorized activity on the BlockPet platform.

d) Do not intimidate, threaten or be disrespectful to other BlockPet users.

e) Report actions that are not in accordance with BlockPet Policy immediately to BlockPet.

f) Do not attempt to or interfere with normal operations of the BlockPet Platform, related services and businesses.

g) Do not create accounts, access information or collect information in any unauthorized way. This includes but is not limited to; the collection of information in an automated way without the express permission of BlockPet.

h) You are prohibited from selling, transferring or purchasing any of your account information to another user or entity. Purchasing such information is also prohibited.

i)  You may not attempt to request, collect or use any other user’s login information, ID or “badge” or profile image.

j) Do not post personal or confidential information publicly on the BlockPet Platform or any of its services. Please also reframe from posting information that violates the rights of others or breaches intellectual property rights.

As part of this Agreement, you grant BlockPet certain rights that enable you to utilize BlockPet and its services, these are;


a) We do not claim ownership of your content, but in using BlockPet Services you grant and license BlockPet to use your content.

b) There is no change in your rights to your content. BlockPet does not claim content that you post to the BlockPet Services or through the BlockPet Services either. Instead, when you share, publish, or upload content, subject to intellectual property rights, (such as photos or videos) you grant BlockPet non-exclusive, transferable, secondary, and royalty-free license to perform or display, translate, and create derivative works (consistent with your privacy policy and application settings). These licenses are intended to make BlockPet available to you and others who access and use BlockPet Services. You can terminate these permissions at any time by deleting your content or account. However, if someone else who has shared your content has not removed the content, it may still be visible. You can find out more about how to use the information and how to manage or delete it in the Data Policy section or by contacting BlockPet Community Support or the designated Data Information Protection Officer.

c) Permission to use information related to your nickname, profile photo, and information about your relationship and behaviour with your account, advertising, and promotional content on the platform. This include your account profile picture, your activities (such as "Like") or relationships (such as "Follow"), as well as follow behaviour in your content and material. This content will be used to improve the BlockPet platform and monitor such things as how users interact with the BlockPet platform, user numbers and other analytical analysis of the BlockPet Platform.

d) For security reasons you agree that we may download and install updates related to BlockPet Services on to your device.


[Additional Rights BlockPet Holds]


e) If you choose a user name or a similar identifier for your account, BlockPet may change it if it is deemed necessary (e.g., infringing on another's intellectual property rights or impersonating another user).

f) You must obtain express written permission to modify our source code, create derivative works of the source code, decompile the source code, or otherwise attempt to extract the source code.

g) We reserve all rights to content that is subject to intellectual property rights and owned by us and used within the BlockPet Service (i.e. photographs, designs, audio and visual media etc.). This includes the BlockPet logo, image and overall corporate identity. We reserve all rights to these.

h) You may use our intellectual property rights and trademarks or similar trademarks only when expressly permitted by our prior written consent and permission.

[Content Removal and Account Deactivation or Termination]


a) The content or information that you share on BlockPet Services may be removed if we believe that it violates the Terms, our policies, or is required by law. To protect the BlockPet community or BlockPet Services, we may deactivate or terminate use of BlockPet or BlockPet Services to protect the BlockPet community and/or the BlockPet Services itself, or to prevent you from creating legal issues or risks to the BlockPet Platform and its users.

b) Violating these Terms or BlockPet policies, repeatedly infringing on others' intellectual property rights, and being a general nuisance to other users may result in you immediately being refused access to BlockPet and its related services.  

c) If we take action to deactivate or terminate your account, we will notify you when appropriate. If you think your account was terminated by mistake, or if you want to deactivate or permanently delete your account, please contact our Customer Support Center.

d) Deleted content may remain as a backup copy for a reasonable period of time (typically 90 days) but will not be visible to other users during this period. Nevertheless, if required by law, a governmental agency, or a judicial authority, we may retain such content to the extent necessary to do so. This section and the others relevant will continue to apply even after your account has been terminated.


Rights Held Under this Agreement.


I) This Agreement does not grant rights to third parties and is not extended in any way to third parties.

II) Your rights or obligations under this Agreement may not be transferred to others without our consent.

III) Our rights and obligations may be transferred to others. Such transfers may be made, for example, by our ownership (due to mergers or acquisitions) or by law.


Responsibilities in the Case of Issues


I) BlockPet services are provided "as is" and we cannot guarantee that the services will be provided securely and reliably or will always be fully functional. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we do not represent any express or implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringements.

II) BlockPet also do not control people's activities or words and is not responsible for people (or your) activities or actions (online or offline) or content (including illegal or harmful content). In addition, we are not responsible for the services and functions provided by others or companies. This is true even if you access these services and features through our service or platform.

III) Our responsibility for all matters arising from the BlockPet Services is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.

IV) You agree that BlockPet is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind, whether derived, special, indirect, punitive or incidental, of any income, information, or data arising out of or relating to these Terms or BlockPet Services. This includes when we delete your content, information or account.

Dispute Resolution


I) For consumers, the laws of the country in which they reside apply to all claims or disputes ("claims") arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions are the responsibility of the consumer to resolve or find a suitable medium of resolution.


Unsolicited Data.


I) We welcome comments and suggestions at any time, but we have no obligation to use them or remedy them and/or to keep them confidential.


Updates to These Terms


I) We may change BlockPet Services and policies and may change these terms and conditions to ensure that BlockPet Services and policies are accurately reflected. Unless otherwise required by law, we will notify you before making any changes to the Terms and provide you with an opportunity to review it at least 30 days prior to the effective term of the modified Terms coming into place. If you continue to use the BlockPet Services after the effective date of the change, you will be subject to the modified terms. If you do not agree to these Terms or the updated Terms, you may terminate your account.